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Self Motivation Quiz: Take it Free Right Here

Let’s begin with a quiz: Here is a simple quiz to help you determine your self motivation. I call it The Verona School Self Motivation Quiz. The questions come from a number of resources that you can easily access on google. I’ve selected those that are relevant to folks who might be “like-minded” with regard Read More

Self Motivation School at Learn and Earn Team

Exactly what is Self Motivation? Just an opinion here: Self Motivation starts in the mind. We think and imagine in pictures. Thus, we use success motivation terms like “laser focused”, “vision driven”, “see yourself doing it” and many others. We read self motivation articles and self motivation books to learn others’ views on the subject. Read More

Overcoming Addiction to Failure An Introduction to Encovery

It all started in prison. I was there because I failed both myself and others. I stole their money. Not good! I decided to find out why I did those hurtful things. Although that is a story for another day, I choose to share the discoveries with you here. I figure: if it helped me, Read More

About Larry

Welcome! At 73 years old, I thought I should retire. I cannot. Not only is it financially impossible right now, I like waking up each day to plan and carry out activities that contribute a bit to the lives of others. I created Verona School and The Learn and Earn Team to provide an online Read More