Author: Larry Waltz

Self Motivation Quiz: Take it Free Right Here

Let’s begin with a quiz: Here is a simple quiz to help you determine your self motivation. I call it The Verona School Self Motivation Quiz. The questions come from a number of resources that you can easily access on google. I’ve selected those that are relevant to folks who might be “like-minded” with regard Read More

Practice Living Giving! Why Wait Until You Die?

Living And Giving What good does it do to have the biggest Yacht in the harbor if you’re the only on it? I’ve learned over the years that the single most important reason for having anything is to share it with those you love. Heck, you can even share it with those that you don’t Read More

Online Education Software Which Ones Work?

So there I was, just eight months ago trying another online education software for the first time. The reviews were fairly good and the guy who marketed it had lots of positive testimonials. He said in his sales webinar that there was a 30 day “no questions asked” money back guaranty. “Just try my online Read More

Online Success Academy Review How to Launch a Website Business

Title: Online Success Academy Author and Teacher: Chris Fennell, Website Business Consultant Specific Course: Title: “How to Launch A Website Business to L1,000 Month Profits in Your Spare Time Without Your Own Products” Introduction: To start things off, Chris offers a one on one private coaching call to see if you are qualified for The Read More

Does Your Online Business Meet The “SCUPER” Test?

It took me FOUR years and FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. That’s right! I started in early 2014 looking for a business I could do online. I was 68 years old and not too swift on a computer. I was an easy mark for the sharp internet guru. I would buy their program for $1997 or $997 Read More

Encovery A path to Living Giving

Beginnings I am getting lots of questions about Encovery. Some are asking just “what is it?” Trudy wants to know how it works. Jaime wants more details. Chauntelle asked: How do I find my forest?  OK…I get it. In this post, I am going to define Encovery in clearer terns. I will distinguish in from Read More

Encovery Free Braintrainig Games

The History of Encovery Sometime in September, 2011, I heard the heavy metal door as it was slammed shut yet again. This time was different. A young man with red curly hair threw his bag on the bunk above me. He was crying. As an older inmate with three sons of my own, I extended Read More

What is Successful Marketing? Seven steps to think about

What is Successful Marketing? Yep, that’s the golden question. So, let’s attempt to answer it. Successful marketing is executing practices and activities directed at a targeted group that yields a desired result. No result, no success. Results can be measured in money, event attendance, brand awareness, pure “reach” or having fresh fish for dinner. Let Read More

A Good Marketer’s Brain Stop, Look and Listen

We’re all selling something If you are a parent or grandparent you most likely want health and happiness for your family. Sometimes they just don’t do what you think might work for those two objectives. You have ideas but you KNOW that they will probably be polite, listen and turn right around and do the Read More

Self Motivation School at Learn and Earn Team

Exactly what is Self Motivation? Just an opinion here: Self Motivation starts in the mind. We think and imagine in pictures. Thus, we use success motivation terms like “laser focused”, “vision driven”, “see yourself doing it” and many others. We read self motivation articles and self motivation books to learn others’ views on the subject. Read More

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